Purple People

It’s starting to rise up again. The night air here in Los Angeles is warm and flowing. No clouds, clear sky, and a bright crescent moon that looks like it’s smiling down on us.

But I’m not just talking about the weather.

There is an energy pulsing right now that I can feel in the back of my throat. It’s making me dizzy, like a swarm of bees zig zagging around me, causing me to dance and sway. I feel physically off balance, and yet clear and grounded as ever.

I’m quite sure I’m not the only one feeling this.

The synchronicities are throwing themselves at me with fervor. As I clear and clean, more wants to come in. I invite it.

I live for these magical times, where it almost feels like a veil is being lifted, or at least getting thinner. The ability to see into ‘some other place’ which is only accessed and understood from an intuitive zone. When I try to logically understand, my mind gets up in arms about this. It wants hard facts. But there is no intellectual understanding, just knowing.

I’m ‘recognizing’ people more and more. Male/female, young/old. They are literally appearing right before me. Everyday people, just like me. People who go to work, feed their kids, pick up dog poop, but who know and experience so much more.

I affectionately refer to these folks as ‘Purple People’ and I recently wrote a poem about it. I think that we all emit some type of energy that draws us more to one person over another, whatever name you want to give it, it’s there. In my particular case, I’m calling it purple. I’m obviously not talking about race here, this is aura/chakra stuff, but if that’s just too weird for you, think of it scientifically, like similar elements fitting well together.

I also think that sometimes, there can be Too Much of a good thing, which is why it’s nice to experience different colors, or at least different shades of the same hue. When I see an intensely Purple Person I am both extremely drawn to them, as well as completely afraid of combusting should I get too close. Sometimes it’s most comforting just to know they are there, from afar. If you’ve experienced this, you know what I mean. I wrote this poem a couple years ago:

We’re like wildfire
Burning everything in sight
But I’d rather be
The gentle glow
Of a trusty old lantern
Savoring the old
To illuminate
The entire night.

One of my most special Purple People passed on about seven and a half years ago. I thought I was nuts when I began to understand that she was trying to communicate with me through the recurring appearance of yellow roses, and then bees. I wrote about this phenomenon in one of my favorite posts thus far on this blog. (please read this!)

Tonight, I was driving home watching the sky turn pale pink. I thought of my deceased friend (who in many ways is still very much alive) and for a brief moment, my mind got the best of me, and I began to doubt. I thought, “Could it really be TRUE that she communicates to me through bees?” That exact moment the car in front of me slowed down. This is what is saw:

Yes, it’s been that kind of week, month and year so far. Things are sparkling, bees are making honey, and I’m quite certain there is much more sweetness on the horizon.

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2 thoughts on “Purple People

  1. What a beautiful post! I love it. :)

  2. jilllurie says:

    Thank you Amelia. You are very much a purple person and I mean that in the nicest, best way possible :)

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